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As we continue to be leading battery industry in Indonesia, we recognize that the role we take on in the development of our nation becomes overwhelmingly strategic.

To inspire million of people, we believe in forward-thinking. Creative innovations in a facets of our day to day work are keys to prevail and to achieve sustainable grow of ultimate importance, so as nature the passion and the ability tol look at things, matter, and people from different perspectives, broaden our minds and add new dimensions to creativity.

There so, we are commited to developing business value with our buyer in quality, competitive price and on time delivery to grow their market.


Judy Hartono

PT Selatan Jadi Jaya
Jalan Raya Panjunan No. 8, Desa Panjunan
Kecamatan Sukodono, Sidoarjo - 61258
East Java, Indonesia

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